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Location Rezervatia de Zimbri Hateg
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With an area of 40 ha, located near the town Haţeg, Slivuţ forest is a natural ecosystem with quercinee xerothermal, a remnant of a large area of oak forest, cleared due to the expansion of agricultural activities specific to hilly areas in Haţegului depression. Since 1958 in this area was created a forest reserve of bison. Currently, the Deva Forestry, by Haţeg Forest District, has custody of the natural reserve.
Located 3 km from the city, the forest reserve Slivuţ prides itself of being the first place in Romania, where European bison has appeared. This happened in the autumn of 1958 when a pair of bison - Podarec and Polonkai - was brought from Poland. Over five years another bison was brought from Poland, Pumila. They have multiplied, so in 1979, the bison reservation Slivuţ - Haţeg, there was a total of 12 bison. Those born in Romania have been given names beginning with the letter R. In time, some of bison born in Haţeg (total 47) were taken to the other places in Romania, which later formed the bison reserve, Vânători Neamţ and Neagra Buşcani. At Vânători Neamţ reserve were taken 3 bisons in 1969, and at Neagra Buşcani six in 1982. Other three bison from Haţeg were brought to Bucharest Zoo in 1966, and a year later, two more bison went to Piteşti. In 2002, 3 bison were brought from Buşcani to Haţeg.
The family of bison in Slivuţ - Haţeg received the last specimen in 2004, Roxana. At present there are a total of 10 bison: Romo, Roxi, Romina, Roxana etc.
Inside the reserve Slivuţ - Haţeg could be found and other representatives of the Carpathian fauna, namely red deer, fallow, chamois, bear, wild boar, deer, pheasants. In time, they were taken to various zoos in the country or region and set free on the grounds because the bison reservation is not authorized as a zoo and there can not be kept other animals excepting the bisons.
Haţeg - Slivuţ bison reservation covers an area of 50 hectares, covered with forests of hornbeam, oak and fir trees.
Currently, there are about three thousand copies worldwide bison, all descendents of only 12 great-grandparents. Sometime bison family occupied Europe and North America. Caucasian bison disappeared forever. The last specimen died in 1927. An individual, male, aged 1 year, was caught and taken to Germany in 1908, where he lived 18 years in captivity.
From mating to a few lowland bison female hybrid offsprings appeared, so-called European bison, grandparents of those that can be admired today in the forest Slivuţ.
Localities nearby: Santamaria Orlea commune, Baru commune; Haţeg administrative area.
Coordinates: 4538'18"N 2258'22"E